Foot biomechanics

List of the projects

  • Anatomical protocol for the gait and posture analysis of diabetic patients.

  • Analysis of the alterations of the lower extremities  muscles in individuals with diabetic foot pathology and post stroke.

  • Developement of a multisegment foot kinematic model for diabetic foot prevention.

  • Developement of an integrated multisegment foot kinematic-kinetic-plantar pressure model for diabetic foot prevention.

  • Development of a 3D foot finite element model for diabetic foot prevention

  • Development of a 2D finite element model of the heel pad for diabetic foot prevention.

Founded projects

  • 2014-2016 University Project, PI Claudio Cobelli: “Development of a multi-physics diabetic foot model for plantar ulcers prevention in diabetic subjects”.

  • 2009-2011 University Project, PI Angelo Avogaro: “Diabetic foot prevention through biomechanics analysis and custom foot orthotics ”.


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