Integrated Systems

Founded projects

  • Finalist Team of Start Cup Competition 2005, team Move2Know, project syncroplate.

  • Invitation to tender for equipment 2005 .

  • Invitation to tender for equipment 2007 .

  • Invitation to tender for big equipment 2014 .


  • Z Sawacha. G Guarneri, G Cristoferi, A Guiotto, A Avogaro, C Cobelli (2012). Integrated kinematics-kinetics-plantar pressure data analysis: a useful tool for characterizing diabetic foot biomechanics. Gait and Posture. 2012 May;36(1):20-6.
  • Guiotto A, Scarton A, Sawacha Z, Cobelli C. Repeatability and reliability of gait analysis plantar pressure data. Siamoc 26-28 Settembre 2013, Pisa, Italia.