Video from last edition of Science 4 all (2022)


Gait and posture analysis

Gait and posture analysis including surface electromyography to assess patients affected by diabetes, post-stroke, rheumatic diseases, lower limb injuries, bilateral and mono lateral crossbite and spine related pathologies, or healthy subjects. [more info]


Foot biomechanics

Development of protocols for multiple assessment of multisegment foot kinematics kinetics and plantar pressure distribution. Development of foot finite element models. The main research application is diabetic foot prevention. [more info]

Markerless technology

Development of markerless motion capture software tools to collect underwater motion analysis data and out of water video with commercial cameras (e.g. GoPro cameras). [more info]


Biomechanical Tools

Development of biomechanical tools to provide either a better understanding of the impact of training programs/clinical interventions on pathologic subjects (e.g. diabetes, stroke and rheumatic diseases) or a better assessment of elite athletes’ performance. [more info]



Evaluation of performance in several sports, including rugby, swim, basket, skateboard, volley. [more info]


Integrated Systems

Development of integrated systems for simultaneous acquisition of motion capture, ground reaction forces, plantar pressure and surface electromyography signals during gait. [more info]

Finite Element Models

Development of finite element models of the diabetic foot driven by gait analysis data for simulation and quantification of internal stresses. [more info]



Neuromusculoskeletal modeling

Neuromusculoskeletal modeling of diabetic subjects’ gait using freely available softwares, e.g. OpenSim and NMSBuilder. [more info]